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This can be very difficult for any seller. It is only natural to see one's own company in a most favorable light and overlook the blemishes or problems inherent in any business. Sellers need to approach their company realistically and tell the truth about everything. By recognizing the deficiencies of their business, sellers are in a much better position to deal with concerns of the buyer. In fact, the best way to handle any potential problem area is to bring it up in the very beginning and offer potential solutions at that time. Remember that buyers want to see solid management, good earnings, and growth - and they expect to be purchasing the future, not the past. Sellers need to know what buyers want and be ready for the questions before they ask. Here are some questions that may be asked from a potential buyer

  • -    What is the annual increase in sales?
  • -    What is the debt?
  • -    Will the seller train and stay on for a while?
  • -    What makes the business different/special/unique?
  • -    What further defines the product or service? Bid work? Repeat business?
  • -    What can be done to grow the business?
  • -    What can the buyer do to add value?
  • -    What is the profit picture in bad times as well as good?
  • -    Why are you selling?
  • -    How has the business been coping with the down economy?
  • -    What part of the business drives the largest part of revenues?
  • -    Who are you customers? Do any of them make up more than 10 percent of revenues?
  • -    What keeps you up at night about the business?
  • -    How much vacation do you take each year?
  • -    How much salary do you take home?
  • -    What's kept you from expanding the business?

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