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    Initial Consultation

    During our initial consultation you will receive answers regarding:

    1. 1.    The feasibility of achieving your goals
    2. 2.    Steps in the sale process
    3. 3.    Cost associated in a sale
    4. 4.    Current market conditions
    5. 5.    Assessing the value and marketability of your business
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    Assessment and Decision Making

    An objective and reasonably thorough assessment of your business will help you decide if the time is right to sell and ways to maximize value.

    An Assessment answers questions about:

    1. 1.    Probable selling price range
    2. 2.    Value drivers and detractors
    3. 3.    Target buyers, likely deal structures and terms
    4. 4.    Any marketability issues
    5. 5.    Potential roadblocks to a sale
    6. 6.    Go-to-market preparation

    A reasonably thorough assessment involves analyzing working capital requirements, capital spending needs, intangible assets, agreements, relationships, business plans, and numerous other drivers of value. It also involves normalizing financial statements and applying advanced business valuation methods, not just pricing rules of thumb. Initial  Consultation icon

    Strategic, Confidential Marketing

    When we go to market, we target strategic and financial buyers, and local, national and international buyers, as appropriate for your business. We conduct an extensive search to build a target buyer list. We also have an internal database of active individual, corporate and private equity buyers. 
    First however we develop a “Business Overview” that presents important facts about your company and its unique value proposition. Buyers are screened and must sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving an overview.


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    Negotiations, Due Diligence & Closing

    With buyer candidates contacted, screened and provided with an overview, we follow up and fill in any information gaps that could influence offers. Sellers meet with the most serious candidates.

    We obtain offers and discuss their pros and cons with you. We negotiate favorable terms and deal structures.

    After settling the major deal points, our attention shifts to project management for your deal. We facilitate due diligence. We coordinate with attorneys, CPA’s, bankers, landlords, appraisers, environmental consultants, government agencies and others.  We get involved with financing, third-party consents, definitive agreement preparation, and closing procedures.

    We work to keep everyone focused on the right things at the right time, anticipate and resolve problems, and keep the process on track.

    Initial  Consultation icon

    Selling a Business is a Process

    Treating the sale of your business as a business process, not a spontaneous event, will improve your outcome. Having us advise you and run a structured sale process, while you focus on running the business at peak performance, maximizes value and increases the likelihood of achieving your goals.

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