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Consider Selling your business


Business Owners who have sold a business in the past will likely tell you it is long, stressful process. Selling your own business can hurt the value of your business as it takes your focus away from the day to day operating of your business at a critical time when you should be increasing or at least maintaining your current business. Few business owners have the time or training to tackle a sale on their own, therefore many owners procrastinate when it comes to selling. This makes it difficult for the business broker and worse for the seller.

When a Business Broker assists you in the process it can pay off in more ways than just the price obtained. Business Brokers will help properly value your business, reach out to buyers they already have, reach a larger number of new buyers, allow you to continue running your business rather than taking your focus away, maintain confidentiality and most importantly assist with the closing of your transaction based upon experience and training. The most common mistake potential Sellers make is comparing the selling of their business to selling a house. Unlike realtors, we keep your listing entirely confidential, and work with you each step of the way until we sell your business. 

Failing to plan can result in a business owner.

  1. 1.    Being forced by unplanned circumstances to sell on an uncontrollable time table
  2. 2.    Undervaluing their business and leaving money on the table in a bargain sale or liquidation
  3. 3.    Giving up more of the proceeds in taxes than was necessary
  4. 4.    Wasting time and money on one or more sale transactions that fail to close
  5. 5.    Failing to achieve his or her retirement goals